Why does we see 70 mm and 35 mm in the names of many movie theaters?

Hey guys did you watch any movie in any theater which have 70mm or 35mm in its name like Sandhya 35mm,Ganga 70mm etc. Did you ever wonder what is this mm doing in a movie theater’s name. Actually this thing has something to do with the projector used in the theater.

We all know very well that we use projectors in movie theaters to cast movie on a white screen. And this projectors looks like this




As we can see these projectors use a film. This film have a particular fixed width and this width generally have a value of 70mm or 35mm. This width value is generally mentioned before the theater name.


Now talking about this film, the film is 70mm (2.8in) in width as mentioned above. For projection, the original 65 mm film is printed on 70 mm (2.8 in) film. The additional 5 mm are for four magnetic strips holding six tracks of stereophonic sound.

So this was the reason why there is mm specification in the name of many theaters in India especially.

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