Why is a school bus only yellow in colour?

We see school bus almost daily but did you ever think why is it only yellow, why not any other colour? We generally see this yellow colour on many taxis also.


yellow school bus

Are you excited to know why only yellow? Then keep reading.


We know that the visible spectrum of light contain wide variety of colours and every colour have its own speciality. Coming to yellow colour, this beautiful colour is scientifically proven to be visible from distant location also.

This distant visible property is the highest for yellow and that is the first reason why yellow was selected.

Second reason behind selecting yellow was that anything written on yellow with black is more clearly visible.




These two reasons made people to select yellow as a colour for school buses and taxis. As time passed on this became a tradition to paint school buses and taxis yellow and that is why we see yellow everywhere today.

I hope you got the answer to the question.

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