Why is Saffron so expensive?

Saffron is considered as one of the most expensive spice on earth. Did you ever think why is it so costly? Come, let us know the reason behind high price of saffron

First of all let us talk about the cost of saffron. Saffron costs whopping 5000 USD per pound.


Now coming to the reason behind such high cost, there are mainly three reasons for this and they are as follows

1. Saffron is actually the stigma of a flower known as Crocus Sativus flower. This flower gives only three stigmas. Let me tell you that to get one pound of this spice we need to harvest 50,000-75,000 flowers and everything is to be done very carefully, so we need labor power to do this. This drastically increase the cost of saffron and is the major contributing factor to its cost.

Saffron flower
Crocus Sativus (Flower which gives Saffron)

2. Saffron is very rich in rare chemicals mainly Picrocrocin, Crocin, and Safranal. These chemicals occur very rarely in nature and are of extreme medical importance. Not only in pharmaceutical industry saffron is widely used in cosmetics, perfume, staining and cooking. Due to its rare chemicals it is too expensive.

3. Saffron is very sensitive substance. It needs specific climate conditions to grow and sustain otherwise the chemicals present in it can easily decompose. That is why saffron is grown only in a limited number of regions in countries like Iran and India. That is why we cannot grow saffron everywhere which makes it a rare species and thus giving an additional hike to its price

So those were the reasons behind the cost of saffron and I hope you got the answer to the question.

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