Why rain clouds are grey?

Hey did you ever wonder about the dark colour of rain clouds? We all know that clouds in a clear sky are white generally then why do the rain clouds look grey. Are you curious to know the reason? Then keep reading.

dark clouds

The answer to the question comes from the very fundamentals of optics. Generally to see any object we need light. When light strikes an object and then comes to our eye, we see that object.

One more thing we know is that every coloured object have a property of reflecting a specific coloured light and absorbing the other lights and thus that object looks to be in the colour which it reflects.

Now coming to the rain clouds, first of all they form at relatively higher altitudes and they are very thick and dense. Now the sunlight which falls on these clouds should pass through several droplets of water to reach us. But by the time light crosses the cloud, most of the light gets absorbed by the cloud. As light of no colour reach our eyes, the colour of clouds seems to be somewhat black or grey.

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