Why shouldn’t we watch television sitting near to it?

Did you ever watch TV sitting near to it? Did your parents ever suggest you to sit at some distance from TV while watching it? Do you know the reason behind their suggestion.


In this article let us discuss about detailed reason behind this suggestion. Firstly talking about our eyes, our eye has an amazing variable focal length property which makes it unique. We have a special kind of muscles known as ciliary muscles in our eye. This ciliary muscle is the reason behind variable focal length capability of our eye.


Now when we see things closely these ciliary muscles adjust the focal length accordingly, but in this position they get strained. This strain is not harmful if we see close things for less time but if we watch television sitting close to it and that too if we watch for long time then our ciliary muscles get strained too much and if this continues range of variable focal length can decrease which can affect our vision.

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