Wireless power transfer

Today the technology is advancing at an accelerating pace and as a result there are many new technologies evolving and one such technology is wireless power transmission.

Even though wireless power transmission is not that new concept, common people did not know much about it till recent past. These days the concept of wireless charging is becoming more and more popular and that is why there is a need to know about it. So let us know about this technology.


Basically wireless transmission can be done by creating an electromagnetic field or by electromagnetic beams like microwaves etc.

Method 1

We can have a coil which generates a varying electromagnetic field (works as a transmitter) . One more coil in that field which could harvest this field and convert it into electricity again and supply it to a load. This method which is based on electromagnetic field is used generally for short range power transmission especially used for charging handheld devices.

Method 2

The second method is power transmission by electromagnetic beams like microwaves or lasers. In this method the energy is transmitted in the form of very powerful beams of light. Now this type of power transmission systems find its own application in long range power supply. But the disadvantage is that the transmitter should be always focused to the receiver. But in the first method it is not necessary as field spreads in all the directions in first method.

wireless power transfer


Now various companies are working on really cool projects using this wireless transmission.

  1. A company known as Witricity is working on a device based on wireless power generation. If we install this device in a room all the gadgets in that room will automatically get charged, cool idea right?
  2. There are plans of making satellites which could convert highly energetic solar radiations in space into electricity and send it to earth by using second method. This would solve earth’s energy problems.


solar satteliteI hope you got to know many new things and I also hope that you like the article.

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