Wooden spectacles -TETEWOOD start up

Now in this trendy world ,every one from a small hair pin to anything like dressing wants to be trendy and stylish . A start-up ‘TETEWOOD ‘ brought you the stylish spectacles. When anyone asks which material is required for spectacles manufacturing?Then ,immediately plastic ,metal etc strikes for everyone. But,this start-up introduced the spectacles with wood which are eco friendly.

The founder of this startup is JAYAKUMAR,a wipro employee.The reason that led to the establishment of TETEWOOD was striked with an idea of becoming an entrepreneur .TeteWood is present in Bengaluru and a manufacturing unit in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. He says “I have always been interested in working with wood, but I took it up seriously once I realised that there is a market for biodegradable spectacle frames in India.”

Most of the wooden frames you see in the markets are exported from China. This is the only startup manufacturing wooden spectacles. Actually ,his financial status was not so strong at that time. His friend helped him with 5 lakhs which was the first investment. Today, TeteWood employs 10 people and also has an online store.

In its first month itself, TeteWood received about 30 orders, which was a great encourage mental for the team.He first got the opportunity of showcasing their products at the Chennai Ophthalmology Exhibition and that got them a good response .


People had many queries with the product.He himself answered “Wooden frames look trendy, are suitable for Indian weather, eco-friendly, light (below 80g), unbreakable, water-resistant, skin-friendly and easy to clean.”


Each product is made only after an order is placed. We don’t stock any frame, but need exactly 8 hours to make it,” says Jayakumar. They will deliver the product within 2 days. Jayakumar says, “Customers can bring a piece of wood to us and we will make the desired spectacle out of it. For instance, even if a broken chair is given to us, we can make multiple frames out of it!”.That’s the best part about this. The cost of a frame begins at ₹ 2,500.


This is a good initiative for the eco -friendly natured trendy products . Encourage such products and Good luck to the young achiever for his upcoming ideas .

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